6 Fresh-Smelling Colognes From Jimmy Choo

Looking for a new cologne? Consider these options from Jimmy Choo.

Best Fresh Smelling Colognes From Jimmy Choo
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You’ll recognize the brand name from their claim-to-fame line of super edgy (and super expensive) shoes. Jimmy Choo is a British company that launched in 1996.

Jimmy himself is Malaysian, and he learned the art of shoemaking at the age of 11. His shoes are seen on the most famous celebrity feet in the world and his brand has become a leading icon in luxury fashion.

Jimmy Choo also has fragrances, 34 in total, as the company started to produce colognes and perfumes back in 2011.

Their men’s fragrance line is not as well developed as their women’s one, but it is well worth trying them out. The company has worked with some of the world’s best parfumiers to create some of the freshest-smelling colognes on the market today.

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Here are our top three recommendations from the list:

Our Pick

Jimmy Choo Man Intense

$115.00 ($34.85 / Fl Oz)


Jimmy Choo Man Intense turns up the volume even higher with a blast of fruity spiciness. This is a unique-smelling, sure-fire crowd-pleaser. Staying power and sillage are excellent on this one.

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02/14/2023 10:24 pm GMT
Budget Pick

Jimmy Choo Man Blue

$98.00 ($29.70 / Fl Oz)


Jimmy Choo Man Blue is a fragrance that shouts versatility. This is a light fragrance and you can wear it on any occasion, day or night, formal or casual. It’s a good value for the money too.

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02/14/2023 10:30 pm GMT
Upgrade Pick

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua

$80.00 ($47.06 / Fl Oz)


Jimmy Choo Man Aqua has all the freshness and aquatic accords you could wish for. It is universally appealing with crisp aquatic notes that make you think of summer, sports, beaches, and boating.

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02/14/2023 10:34 pm GMT

Read on for more info and the complete list…

Best Jimmy Choo Colognes

Here are the best Jimmy Choo colognes in no particular order.

Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man was their first men’s fragrance, released in 2014.

It created a sensation when it was launched; far from the traditional classic men’s fragrance, the first impression it gives is one of sweetness, with powerful hints of pineapple, lavender, and melon.

Jimmy Choo Man
Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man will make itself known immediately, in a good way; heads will turn in an instant.

From initial sweetness, a deeper spiciness, pepperiness, and muskiness take over to give it sensuality and confidence. Hints of suede take effect later in the experience.

Top notes are pineapple, honeydew melon: middle notes are lavender and pink pepper; base notes are patchouli and suede.

Although it has plenty of character, this cologne can be worn all day long, in the office, and out at night with no fear of offending anyone. It’s a great summertime cologne too.

Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense turns up the volume even higher with a blast of fruity spiciness.

As you take in the initial hit of fruity melon and mandarin orange tinged with hints of lavender, you’ll find yourself experiencing darker middle notes of spicy black pepper and artemisia which sink into a sweet incense-y base of tonka bean and patchouli.

Jimmy Choo Man Intense
Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Top notes are lavender, honeydew melon, and mandarin orange; middle notes are geranium, pepper, and artemisia; base notes are labdanum, patchouli, and tonka bean.

Staying power and sillage are excellent on this one, so be careful how much you use. No reapplication is probably necessary, so wear it with care during the day.

It’s a cold weather fragrance for sure and can easily overpower those around you in the summer. Having said that, this is a unique-smelling, sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

Jimmy Choo Man Ice

Is the summer heat just too much? Spray on some of this for instant refreshment. Jimmy Choo Man Ice certainly lives up to its name.

Jimmy Choo Man Ice
Jimmy Choo Man Ice

It’s a bright, sharp, zesty citrus-based cologne that blasts cool refreshment with notes of mandarin orange, bergamot, and yuzu. After this has subsided, you’ll smell the woody spicy notes of patchouli and vetiver with later traces of green apple, oakmoss, and musk.

Top notes are citron, bergamot, yuzu, mandarin orange; middle notes are apple, cedar, patchouli, and vetiver; base notes are ambroxan, moss, and musk.

This recipe makes for a quick pick-me-up after the gym, a day at the beach, or for any number of casual occasions.

It’s not a particularly long-lasting fragrance but is well worth adding to your wardrobe for its versatility. Plus it smells darn good.  Man Ice a great choice for summer days!

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

This one is the younger brother of Jimmy Choo Man, but he’s a wilder, more rebellious, more mischievous, and fun-loving version of the original.

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero
Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

It is a woody, sensual cologne with hints of leather in an initial head-turning concoction of sweetness, woody spiciness, and black pepper softened with finger limes.

Rosewood and vetiver begin to make themselves known with a sexy hint of leather to round out the accords.

Top notes are pineapple, lime, and blood orange; middle notes are tonka bean, pepper, and lavender; base notes are sandalwood, oakmoss, and leather.

You’ll be able to grab the attention you deserve, yet with its pleasing woody scent complemented by just the right amount of leather, you won’t annoy anyone in the process.  Wear it when you like, even on formal occasions.

Jimmy Choo Man Blue

This is a fragrance that shouts versatility. You can wear it on any occasion, day or night, formal or casual, with jeans or a dinner suit, blurring the line between the two. It is meant to be a go-to, no-brainer fragrance.

Jimmy Choo Man Blue
Jimmy Choo Man Blue

It opens with a fresh, clean scent of sage, lavender, pepper, and bergamot, not heavily spicy but balanced and inoffensive. Man Blue then settles into some sweeter, warmer vanilla accords rounded out with amber, leather, and sandalwood.

Top notes are lavender, black pepper, clary sage, and bergamot; middle notes are ambergris, leather, cypress, apple, and pineapple; base notes are vanilla, leather, sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli.

This is a light fragrance, not especially long-lasting but somewhere in the 6- hour range depending on the weather.

As it is also spicy, though, it works best worn during the cooler fall and winter months. It’s a good value for the money too, so adding it to your wardrobe won’t cause you a sleepless night.

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua Eau De Toilette

Rounding out our list is Jimmy Choo Man Aqua. This Eau De Toilette has all the freshness and aquatic accords you could wish for, complemented with a fougere structure. This can be your everyday signature scent.

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua
Jimmy Choo Man Aqua

It is universally appealing with crisp aquatic notes that make you think of summer, sports, beaches, and boating.

It doesn’t stint on luxury though; this is not a cheap-smelling fragrance but it’s one that draws you into its attractive, woody, yet marine-like scent which combines lightness with earthiness.

Top notes are cardamom and grapefruit; heart notes are marine accords, geranium, and clary sage for a masterfully designed warm/cool combination; base notes are patchouli, amber, and salted moss.

This is aimed at the man who celebrates life to the fullest. It’s a gesture to the ocean, reflecting both depth, calm, and adventure.  Clean yet complex without being overpowering. Go for it.

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