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You all know that I live and die by my skincare routine. I’m the type that will avoid putting on any type of makeup if I skip any part of my routine out of the knowledge that I’ll just be putting makeup on top of the build-up of dirt and dead skin cells. Over the years, I’ve tried out a variety of skincare products to add to my already existing skincare favorites as well as to switch things up from time to time. So recently, I ran over to Sephora and grabbed some products from the Farmacy range to try out and decide whether the products were worth the hype and the money.

If you’ve seen the Farmacy skincare line in stores, you know that it has a pretty hefty price tag to each of the products. The packaging is immaculate and the products talk about the use of fresh ingredients, but nowadays, there are quite a few skincare lines that claim the same thing.

I read up on various reviews, but a lot of them didn’t speak to my skin concerns and talk about whether it was truly worth the expense, so I decided to take a leap and try it out myself. So in this post, I am going to give you a full review of the top Farmacy beauty products.

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livinglesh farmacy beauty


Before I even purchased Farmacy skincare products, I was drawn to the brand because of its philosophy / overall mission. From the ingredients all the way to the packaging, they are conscious of the choices that they are making. Focusing on sustainability, the ingredients are farm-sourced which essentially gives you clean beauty products to add to your skincare collection. They are paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free, and the container and lid are recyclable which just goes further to show how much Farmacy cares about the environment. When I first started looking through the Farmacy line, I will say that I was a little taken back by the price of the products. But as a person who loves Fresh beauty products, I had to step back and realize that I was already spending around the same amount and I was getting results. So, if Farmacy is a brand that would provide great results for the price, then my skin was going to be getting the benefit of the spend. The only difference in comparison that I saw before the purchase was the difference in container size. For those who are conscious of spending like I am, also keep in mind that Farmacy offers the ability to get a complimentary skincare consultation and also provides sets of their skincare products to try out at a lower price and smaller size so that you end up getting the products that are meant for your skin type and concerns. With those two options, you’re then getting products that you won’t feel like you spent money on but aren’t fully meant for you. I found a small collection of products that fit specific to what I need in my skincare routine, and I want to share my initial thoughts on these Farmacy products

livinglesh farmacy skincare review

livinglesh honey facial moisturizer
livinglesh farmacy skincare review farmacy honey moisturizer
livinglesh farmacy skincare honey moisturizer


The Farmacy Halo Honey Moisturizer is a cream moisturizer that glides onto your skin and doesn’t leave you with that heavy feeling afterward. The natural honey smell is prominent on application but isn’t extremely overwhelming that you feel like you’ll be smelling like honey for the rest of the day. Using the metal applicator that comes with the moisturizer, you can apply a dime-size amount to your face and you’ll have enough to cover your face and neck with a moisturizer layer that will also act as a barrier as you locate the day or get ready to apply your makeup

When using as a part of your morning routine, right before applying makeup, my biggest recommendation would be to let this moisturizer set before putting on any type of primer. Halo Honey isn’t heavy sitting on top of your skin, but you can tell that it’s there right after applying, but after a few minutes of absorption, it gives your skin the moisture it needs to be able to allow your makeup to not look cakey when your skin ends up being too dry.

This is definitely a great moisturizer for anyone with dry or combination skin as it provides the hydration that your skin is looking for.

livinglesh clean bee facial cleanser


The Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser pretty much describes itself in its name. It’s gentle and smells just like honey when squeezed out and rubbed into your skin. Though you can’t smell the natural fragrance right from the bottle, you begin to smell it slightly as you use it – keeping in mind that synthetic fragrances aren’t used so you’re smelling the natural ingredient that the cleanser is made with. The foam cleanser removes dirt and excess oil without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. And as someone who has combination skin with extremely dry spots in certain areas, the non-stripping is super important because it doesn’t feel as if my skin is super dry after I have washed my face which happens with some cleansers that in turn, I end up avoiding.

When using this cleanser, I felt that the natural ingredients in the product were benefiting my skin, and after rising off, not only did it not leave my skin feeling dry, I also didn’t have a greasy or oily film left over. My face felt fresh and clean. It’ll also last you a long time. With one pump, you have the right amount to wash your face with and even after using it for a week, it barely looked like I had been using the cleanser at all.

This cleanser from Farmacy is great for different skin types. I have combination skin, but from the results I have gotten, it will help you if you have dry, dehydrated skin, acne-prone skin and will also help you if your skin over produces oil because the gentle, low pH formula will help to get rid of the greasy feeling on your skin that tends to put up during the day.

livinglesh farmacy honey grail facial oil
livinglesh farmacy beauty honey grail facial oil
livinglesh farmacy skincare facial oil


Facial oils are often an overlooked product and step in a skincare routine. But I will tell you, that I highly advise adding a facial oil to your routine if you don’t have it now. The Farmacy Honey Grail Facial Oil is a facial oil that can be used by any skin type because each person will find a benefit from it. It’s fast-absorbing and lightweight. Though it is called an oil, don’t think you’ll be left with that feeling that you applied straight oil to your face that will sit on top and feel greasy while leaving your face looking shiny. Instead, it’ll absorb straight into your skin and become an aid to your natural oils.

With just a few drops on your skin after applying your moisturizer, this facial oil will leave your skin with a light dewy glow that will make you consider not even applying foundation because of how great your skin looks. And like other facial oils, the Honey Grail will aid in making your skin look and feel more youthful because of the various natural ingredients that Farmacy uses to make the product.

livinglesh farmacy eye cream


The Dew It All Eye Cream is an eye cream that quite frequently sells out and can be often hard to find online. That’s how much people love this eye cream and how much people are grabbing it off the physical and virtual shelves. The eye cream helps with the major concerns that people often have such as puffiness, dark circles, and occasional dryness. In my case, after using the eye cream for a week, I began feeling the hydration to my eyes that I wasn’t getting from my previous eye cream, and it kept up with reducing puffiness and under-eye circles that I often get from lack of sleep.

Though the container is small, I will say that it seems like it will last a while. You don’t need much of the product when applying and literally just by dipping your pinky finger in and putting small dots around your eyes will give you enough to rub in under your eyes and on your eyelids.

livinglesh farmacy skincare dew it all eye cream


livinglesh farmacy skincare

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